This is a place for collaborative research on the open metaverse. Feel free to be creative.

Have an idea? There are separate opportunities from the bi-weekly gatherings to conduct collaborative field research with the M3 organization by opening issues to form your proposal.

Table of Contents

Virtual World Economy Panel

We’ve gathered an incredible cast of lead developers building VR platforms to discuss virtual economies. How can creative people make a living inside these worlds? What ingredients are missing to catalyze a thriving user-generated content economy? What’s the landscape look like? How can startups compete with big tech?

Tune in to hear about what’s around the corner and what excites these veteran VR developers in this riveting discussion filmed inside a virtual reality studio!

Virtual Market 3 Field Trip

Virtual Market is the biggest social VR convention that takes place in VRChat and drew over 125,000 visitors during the Spring festival. Visitors can freely look, try on, and purchase 3D avatars and models displayed in themed worlds made entirely with user-generated content.

The M3 org went on a field trip to explore Virtual Market 3 and further discuss ideas around content discovery and marketplaces.

Traversing Disparate Virtual Worlds

The M3 org did a field test to observe what the current state of hopping between multiple social VR universes looks like 5 years after a Metaversing article describes the theory.

“Instead of building one large Metaverse and splitting it into pieces, as has been done before, I looked at a different solution. How do we start with a bunch of unrelated pieces of software and combine them together to form a larger Metaverse? … There are different authors, languages, graphics libraries, and more. If you wanted to create a way for players (avatars) to actually move between them, how could it be done? How would you move from JanusVR to Minecraft? How do you walk from Minecraft into VRChat?” - Traveling Between Unrelated Virtual Worlds by Atari_Historian

Traveling Between

We also discussed questions about these worlds like what they were made with, who created the content, how easy was it, what tools they were using, and more.

Previous Meets

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